Sturgis Mustang Rally - - Largest Midwest Mustang Rally August 29 through September 3rd 2017

SMR Poker Run Route Suggestions with Map Links !!
From Direct Routes all the Way to some Thrilling Winding Scenic Routes.

You must STOP at All of the Designated Locations to get your Poker Run Book Stamped. Here is a list of your Stops to get your Stamps.
(You can Click on each Location below to get directions)

The Poker Run is a Fun Cruise. It is not a Race. Take your Time and Enjoy the Hills.
You can choose your own route. Here is are some suggested routes.

Maps provided through Google Maps with turn by turn directions.
Below you can Click on the Web Link or the Map for that Route.

From Sturgis To Custer (2 Suggested Route Options)
These Routes Will Take You By the Designated Stop Locations.

Option 1, Sturgis to Custer

Scenic and Quickest Route:
Thunderdome to Deadwood to Custer via US-14 to US-385:
(72.3 miles, 1hr 27min). More of a direct route with Scenic views.

Option 2, Sturgis to Custer

Scenic and Winding Route:
Thunderdome to Deadwood through Nemo to Custer via US-14 Rd to US-385 to Nemo Rd to US-385 again:
(86.2 miles, 2hr 4min). Scenic with winding roads and hills.

From Custer Back to Sturgis (3 Suggested Route Options)
By Now You Should Have All of Your Stamps in Your Book. Now You can Choose Which Route you Want to Take Getting Back to The Thunderdome for the Evenings Festivities.

Option 1, Custer to Sturgis

Scenic and Quickest Route:
Custer through Hill City to Rapid City then back to the Thunderdome via US-16 to I-90:
(73.0 miles, 1hr 25min). Quickest Route with some Scenic views.

Option 2, Custer to Sturgis

Scenic and Winding Route:
Custer back through Deadwood to the Thunderdome via US-385 to US-14:
(72.5 miles, 1hr 38min). More of a straight shot with Lots of Scenic views.

Option 3, Custer to Sturgis

Scenic and Very Winding Route with Tunnels: (give yourself some time for scenic stops)
Custer back to the Thunderdome via Needles highway and Iron Mountain Rd to Keystone to US-385 then back through Vanocker Canyon Rd:
(95.2 miles, 2hr 54min). Very Scenic with lots of Winding Roads and Hills.